Montag, 31. August 2009

Lake Tarangire

the perfect place to feel in Africa.....

this is the place to realize that you have already had a lot of pictures inside your head how Africa "should" look like...

lake Tarangire is lake a stand still picture of Out of Africa or other Hollywood films on the pioneers coming to Africa....

in Lake Tarangire you realize the size of the country, its dryness, its open spaces and the massive migration and herds of wild animals best....

I am very glad we did 3 different safaris...all 3 very interesting and very different..

Located 120km from Arusha, Tarangire is the sixth largest park in Tanzania. The beautiful Tarangire National Park stretches southeast of Lake Manyara around the Tarangire River. It is just a few hours drive from the town of Arusha, Tarangire is a popular stop for safaris travelling through the northern circuit on their way to Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. It is the vast number of Baobabs that first capture the eye as you enter Tarangire national park. The gently rolling countryside is dotted with these majestic trees, which seem to dwarf the animals that feed beneath them.

The Park owes its name to Tarangire River, which flows across the area. It is characterized by dense vegetation of acacia and mixed woodland, the area around Tarangire River however, is dominated by huge baobab trees and old doum palm trees to a lesser prominence, as well as black cotton grass.

Tarangire also has regions of quite dense bush, but with high grasses and huge old baobab trees instead of the green forests of Manyara. The land is hilly and dominated by the impressive valley of the Tarangire River, which attracts good numbers of migrant animals during the dry months, especially between July and September.

Wildlife Safari Attractions In Tarangire:

The unique aspect of this Park is the annual animal immigration that takes place during the dry season. Tarangire National Park has some of the highest population density of elephants anywhere in Tanzania, and its sparse vegetation, strewn with baobab and acacia trees, makes it a beautiful and special location. The park extends into two game controlled areas and the animals are allowed to move freely throughout.

During the dry season, particularly between August and October, Tarangire has one of the highest concentrations of wildlife of any of the Country’s parks. Large herds of zebras, wildebeest, hartebeest and in particular, elephants can be found here until October when the short wet season allows them to move to new grasslands.

Tarangire offers unparalleled game viewing, and during the dry season elephants abound. Families of the pachyderms play around the ancient trunks of baobab trees and strip acacia bark from the thorn trees for their afternoon meal. Breathtaking views of the Masaai Steppe and the mountains to the south make a stop at Tarangire a memorable experience.

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