Sonntag, 30. August 2009

the first National Park Lake Manyara

Manyara occupies 320 square km, but 231 square km of these are made up of its vast alkaline lake, which attracts wide flocks of pink flamingoes. Over the years we have found the northern access point of Manyara increasingly busy, although the scenic southern reaches remain pleasantly quiet.

Elephant, giraffe, buffalo and wildebeest can be found grazing in unexpected clearings in the woodlands or heading towards water sources to drink or wash. The rivers and riverbeds provide scenic vistas for wildlife watching.
Warthog seem to thrive here, growing notably fat and tuskered, and it is a natural playground for baboons and monkeys.

and the tourist board has not promised too was here that we have seen the lions in the trees directly above our heads..... when do you come that near to a lion????????

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